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    The distance in the dream symbol represents vitality, low energy or life force as well as slowly moving away from friends and family. A dream usually reminds you of things that are closest to you. in the long term, they will be unrealistic to achieve.
    long distance - may indicate projects the implementation of which will be very distant in time
    small distance strong> - it is a sign that you will manage to overcome a certain barrier that paved the way for your success.
    distance sight - you feel emotionally distant from the person you it depends
    distance conversation - if you keep away from other people you will feel lonely
    distance from home - sleep may mean separation from the family, which may be related to going abroad or work.
    distance to be covered - means that when In the future you will have many difficult matters to solve.
    distance romance - portends many sorrows and disappointments in a love life
    a view of hard-working people from a distance people - the dream also prepares the dreamer for the emergence of major troubles in life that may hinder a person's path to success.

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