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Cross in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cross is a symbol of faith. Perhaps you carry a cross in your waking life that constantly bothers you: ask yourself what is causing your suffering and what you can do to free yourself from it.
    see - you will get rid of your current problems and become more mature and more reasonable in life
    see cross by the road - better days will come for you, but only when you have solved all unfinished matters, happiness will come back to you
    to carry - try to accept the losses suffered
    see someone carrying it - if you want other people to treat you with dignity you should be more kind
    standing by the road - a nice message awaits you
    kneel in front of the cross - you will have to bear the consequences of your actions
    covered - possible that you will find yourself in a difficult position, from which it will not be easy to find a way out
    to have him on your head - someone will talk behind your back
    hanging on the cross - worries to be endured with humility
    overturned - your plans will come to nothing
    in the tower - chandra will get you
    to see the church from a distance - finally you will see a light in the tunnel for some matter
    metal or gold - luck will smile at you
    destroy it - your contacts with a loved one will deteriorate
    wooden - unexpected turn in life
    stone - a sign of achieving stability in life
    decorated with wreaths of flowers - a good sign that foretells happiness in the circle families.

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