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Chase in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    If in a dream you escape from your tormentor then it means that you will soon distance yourself from your own problems. In fact, problems will soon disappear by themselves. Your tormentor will catch up with you in a dream or the distance between you will be smaller and smaller then the problems will not disappear by themselves, you will have to try to solve them.
    see people racing - do not cover yourself behind your back other people because you will never fulfill your dreams of an independent life
    racing with someone in a race - finally you will keep up with the pace of the person who is always one step ahead of you
    pursue someone - you will turn your back on the person who has always stood behind you by a wall
    be chased by state authorities - hide your true face from someone, however, after some time you will be exposed
    Being pursued by someone
    Dream of being pursued by ez intruder is one of those resulting from a sense of fear for everyday life. A dream flight is an instinctive human response to physical threats from the environment. So it is natural that a person triggers the desire to hide from his persecutor.
    The dream of prosecution means the desire to avoid a given situation
    You fear something and you wish to avoid confrontation at all costs; you are going to run away from uncomfortable problems. Sleep is an example of how you deal with your fears and how you react in life to pressure and stress caused by your surroundings.
    A dream of being chased is a sign of fear
    If you are chased by someone in a dream, then the dream can mean a feeling of isolation and withdrawal. You have a problem with accepting a certain radical view, therefore it is difficult for you to communicate with the people who represent it. Fear can be a bad advisor, so give yourself more time to think before making an important decision.

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