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Buttocks in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    You will meet with a lack of understanding from people you care about. If you dream about the attractive buttocks of a particular person, then the dream may indicate that this person you desire a person.
    your own - someone will defame you
    a man - new ills await you
    female pupa - expect new messages
    baby - free yourself from worries and problems
    beautiful and attractive - strong desires will prevail over rational thinking
    unattractive - a dream indicates your lack of interest in a given situation or person
    be unattractive or shapeless butt - insecurity or conviction that you are not attractive
    fall on your bottom - you will lose interest
    rub your butt - you want to avoid responsibility
    podcie hurt other people - you will get embarrassed or humiliated
    rub someone - you will free yourself from a toxic relationship.

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