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Archbishop in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The Archbishop announces in a dream that he will receive bad news from a certain messenger, which will make it necessary to abandon the daily games and frolic in order to implement his minimum plan. also mean limitations in waking life.
    archbishop view - means that if you do your best, your loved ones will be proud of you
    if you are the archbishop - the dream announces that there will be an opportunity on the horizon that is better to seize
    if the archbishop does not say anything - do not consider or consider listen to the advice of people who do not care about your happiness
    archbishop leading the mass - it is a sign that before you choose your life path, think about whether you have enough data
    if you have an archbishop in your family - be aware that you may experience many obstacles and failures before you succeed and prestige
    confession to the archbishop - this means that someone has power over you and does things with which you do not necessarily agree
    the archbishop at war - is a sign that you will not defeat your opponent other than with your own weapons.

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