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Breathe in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Symbolizes anxiety, tension or fear. You are experiencing an unfortunate situation from the past all the time. Remember that time cannot be turned back and life goes on. It's high time to move on and close what has been. Breathing in your sleep can also mean that your views are too one-sided, try to always listen to the opinions of others and see if this line of reasoning makes sense.
    see - someone will take off some of your duties and you will breathe a sigh of relief
    stale - your behavior will be widely commented, before you say something, think first twice
    fresh - your professional approach to many matters will soon bear fruit
    to lose - if you don't come to your senses in time, await you serious profession
    artificial breath - sleep portends fears and tensions or fear of a completely new situation in your life ciu
    be out of breath - you are wrong about a certain matter, but you do not want to listen to other people's advice; be careful that your persistence does not lead you astray
    cannot catch your breath - someone will enter your private space
    strangle someone - you will severely offend someone and destroy mutual relations for a long time
    hold your breath - you have become very biased recently; a dream is a message that you should be more tolerant and open to other people's ideas.

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