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Blanket in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A blanket usually indicates positive changes in the dreamer's life. It symbolizes warmth, love and security. Perhaps there will be a turning point in your professional life or you will be moving to a bigger house. The thicker the blanket, the greater the success.
    see the blanket - you are looking for a safe form of shelter from the outside world
    to be wrapped in a blanket - fear of the unknown will make it difficult for you to complete a certain task
    cover yourself with a blanket - you want to escape from the gray reality
    cover yourself and someone another blanket - in a difficult moment help will come from an unexpected side
    see other people sleeping under the blanket - you will be dealing with the law, maybe a friend will persuade you to do something a fraudulent transaction
    new blanket - you will achieve success thanks to the hard work and support of loving people
    black blanket - the feeling of fear and threat will not give you peace
    dirty blanket - someone will try hard to spoil your opinion
    wrap something in a blanket - you will be consumed by more important matters, which will make you forget about everyday life
    electric blanket - save energy and think about rest.

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