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Colossus in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Colossus in a dream is a symbol of authority and power. It is a sign of invincible strength and superhuman power that he can use at any time.
    see the colossus - a dream announces an opportunity that should be seized in time if we want our life to have a deeper meaning
    be a colossus - you will prove to everyone, that you can be a good leader
    watch a colossus - someone will dominate your life or prove to be a support for you
    kill a colossus - you will experience a profound metamorphosis that will open your eyes to some unresolved issues
    to see a colossus in a cage - you will be afraid of someone who will force you to be right
    Learning with a colossus means that being in the company of someone will encourage you to take new actions and to deepen your own personal development.
    If you struggle with a colossus - a dream is a sign that you will show great courage and cleverness in life. A winning fight is a positive omen and foreshadows the beginning of magical events in life. If the fight turns out to be lost for you, you should take into account a series of misfortunes in your life.

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