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Bonus in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Getting a financial bonus in a dream portends successful business ventures. Regardless of whether the bonus is based on good results at work or is the result of unfair distribution, it carries with positive message. To be successful in life, it is important to be honest with yourself and others. A bonus is usually a reward for our hard work.
    see - you will come up with a brilliant an idea that will give you more income
    to have a bonus - you will solve a financial problem that was causing you a lot of trouble once and for all
    take a bonus from someone - you will fail, which will prove to be a good lesson for the future
    receive a bonus - you will spread your wings and set an example for everyone at work
    low bonus - you will face a difficult situation that you always wanted to avoid
    big bonus - quite by accident you will achieve spectacular success at work
    give others a bonus - in some respects you will be pushing your boss well so you will fail
    lose bonus - you will fear the unknown
    bank bonus - you will need a lot of cash
    government bonus - someone will give you new privileges that you can show off.

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