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Anthem in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The anthem that appears in the dream is an expression of inner and emotional triumph. It is also a reflection of pride and love for the country, it also symbolizes the spirit of victory. The anthem is a good omen for all those who emigrate, who feel a constant longing for their relatives and nostalgia for their home country. If you are not outside your own country, then the anthem foreshadows a difficult life situation that you cannot cope with on your own. Dream is also an expression of patriotism, a sense of strength and unity with one's own country, it is also associated with a strong attachment to the place of residence.
    If you listen or sing a anthem, a dream is an expression of love for your own country or a sign of nostalgia for wandering around the world. Dream also foretells a happy existence and success in many areas of life.
    When you dream that you are hearing the anthem of another country, it is a harbinger of difficulties that will arise in all your actions. However, if you try hard, everything will turn out well for you in the end.
    The church anthem in a dream is a bad omen for the dreamer, because it portends an illness in a family member.
    When you dream that you want to sing a anthem, but you cannot, then you will face hard psychological experiences as well as life in many hardships.
    If you dream that you are singing a anthem solo, it is a sign that you want to get rid of a troublesome problem, you need freedom and the ability to go your own way. If you are persistent, over time you will free yourself from conventions that you do not accept.
    Learning a anthem by heart in a dream is a harbinger of big changes in life and sometimes also of love and energy with great potential.

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