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    The fire department in a dream is a symbol of heroic deeds and noble efforts. It is a warning that something is starting to happen in our lives and for some reason it should catch fire we have a warning lamp.
    see the fire department - you will bring misfortune and you will fall into poverty
    hear sirens - on not trusting a certain person your hunch will not confuse you
    to be a firefighter - you will show great courage, which will ensure you great success in life, the guardian in a dream also means romance, which can only lead to destructive behavior
    fire brigade extinguishing a fire - be careful not to lose yourself to the rest, because you will fall down
    call the fire brigade - you will disturb someone with unconfirmed messages
    wait for her arrival - you will be faced with a choice that will determine your o my near future
    fire hose - some confusion will cause great concern in your immediate surroundings.

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