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Beaver in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A beaver in dreams is a symbol of energy, ambition and vigor. In dreams, he indicates the right time to implement his own ideas and dreams. The dream interpretation emphasizes that you will need hard work to achieve your goals.
    The view of a beaver in a dream means that you have achieved a higher standard of living, provided that you work honestly for everything.
    A dream in which you kill a beaver in order to get its fur warns against fraud or unfair and improper treatment by third parties.
    Catching a beaver indicates your need for self-development and greater commitment to your work.
    The dream of resting beavers reminds you not to spend so much time at work. You should spend more time relaxing and resting.
    A beaver that can be stroked in a dream is a sign that the right time will come for you to risk a change of job.
    The fight of two or more beavers represents the adversities that you will face in the near future.
    A beaver swimming in a river or lake is a sign that you should take some free time for yourself. Being dedicated to work all the time can lead you to depression and burn out quickly.
    The view of a beaver dam, as indicated in the dream book, indicates the need to find your own place in the world, alternatively reflects the desire to achieve something more in life.
    A beaver gnawing a piece of wood in dreams foretells that you will have to put in more work and persistence to achieve your goals.

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