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Baptism in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Baptism in a dream is read as an announcement of a general striving for self-realization and spiritual fulfillment. After such a recovery, the dreamer may become stronger and less prone to life's adversities. The symbolism of the baptism dream is generally strongly associated with spiritual attributes such as contentment and joy in life, understanding and renewal. Water is a symbol of life, spiritual renewal and spiritual rebirth. Dreaming of baptism can also mean that you are planning changes that will bring you many benefits in your life.

The meaning of the Baptism dream:

If you are a godfather at baptism, then it means that you will have a great honor in life. Someone will notice you or ask for an important favor, which in time will turn out to be an honorable challenge for you.

If you are at the baptism in a dream, it means that a person will appear on your way who will have a big influence on you. The sight of dream baptism also tells you that you will begin to impart universal truths and knowledge to people who need it badly. Participation in baptism also heralds the emergence of a new love, it is also the introduction to a new life.

If you are the guest of honor at baptism, it is a sign that you will soon experience a spiritual revival or that your approach to life will change completely. Through various types of adventures, you will also change your attitude towards other people around you.

A dream about your own baptism is generally an unfavorable omen, it portends changes in your love life and shows a lack of self-confidence in situations that will require it. These types of dreams are also an expression of guilt and seeking life's forgiveness.

According to the dream book, the baptism of another person shows that by helping other people you will achieve life fulfillment according to the principle that good and bad karma always returns. For some, such an aspect may turn out to be, for example, charity or voluntary work.

The baptism of your own child in dreams means that you can start waiting for your desires to be fulfilled and the project you have been working on for a long time to come true. This is a good sign and is generally associated with happiness.

Baptism in clear spring or holy water is designed to bring spiritual clarity to relationships and make the dreamer notice mistakes that others tend to downplay.

It is worth remembering that the holy water from baptism in a dream has a cleansing effect for every human soul.

The priest who gives baptism in accordance with the dream book carries a message that you should be more humble every day and accept the fact that others work as hard as you. That is why it is worth appreciating people and not only envy them and foretelling them evil.

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