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Urinal in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The dream in which you see a urinal is an expression of a sense of embarrassment and a lack of respect for your own privacy. These types of dreams are very common and are closely related to the internal desires and needs of the human body. The interpretation of the interpretation states that a urinal may be a warning against the appearance of troublesome health ailments or a general deterioration of health.

What does it mean to dream about URINAL?

  • When you see a urinal in your dream, it is an omen that you will be misjudged by others. Remember to stay away from big gossipers as they can make your life very tiring.
  • If you can see urine on the surface around the urinal, then it is a sign that you will not have enough time to focus on your goals.
  • If you dream that you are not reaching for the urinal, it is a harbinger of public humiliation at your own request. A dream is a message that in order for others to respect you, you should first respect yourself.
  • When you are too tall and the urinal is too low in your dreams, it means that you focus too much on the details of your life, the constant analysis of the same events over time will only lead to numerous frustrations. Dream is also an expression of a lack of relaxation and a fresh approach to many mundane matters.
  • Dream in which you are urinating is a sign that somehow your life is starting to spin out of your control.
  • If you see other people at the urinal, then the dream interpretation says that you will start to exhibit antisocial behavior, a return to normalcy will only be possible if you adapt to the norms and behaviors prevailing around you.
  • A few urinals in dreams are a sign that in a certain situation you will show selfishness and an unbridled desire to own someone else's property.

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