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Artillery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Artillery in a dream is a harbinger of life's worries, after which pleasant sensations await you. Sleep foretells unpleasant news, worries and losses, it is a sign of internal changes that may lead you to change your habits and habits. Artillery is also a harbinger of the danger that may threaten you due to fleeting love relationships or establishing relationships with false confidants.
    If you see artillery in a dream, it means that due to recklessness and constant rotation in bad company, the realization of your dreams will become extremely difficult, you can only end your losing streak by avoiding the temptation to betray and negative dependence on others.
    Artillery firing foreshadows losses in business. A momentary indisposition will cause someone to deal you a blow that you will not be able to repel, if you do not return to the previous form, your enemies can overcome you quickly.
    The dream of an artillery attack means that you will cope with numerous obstacles in your life that will stand in the way of your goal, such as family quarrels, large expenses or fleeting feelings.
    If you dream that you are running away from artillery fire, it is a sign that you may face numerous mental tensions and life failures. Sleep is also very often a warning against fatal passions.
    Admiring the artillery troops during a parade in a dream is a good sign of successful business, the end of humiliation and circumstances conducive to the implementation of your own plans.

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