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Sphere in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sphere is a warning against the volatility of fate. This symbol exhorts a person not to get carried away and to keep everything in moderation.
    see or play - you need to start living in accordance with your own convictions and feelings even more if you want
    throw it - you will be in the right place, thanks to which you will take advantage of the chance that life brings you
    blue - positive thoughts
    red - negative thoughts will overwhelm you
    rolling - your results in a certain area will start to decline
    run away from a rolling ball - your actions will turn against you
    iron - you will overcome the difficulties that will appear on your way from the goal
    snowball - you will want peace and quiet but you will have to wait for that yet
    glass - you are standing in a dead end and you do not know what choice to make, luckily your loved ones will help you
    cannonball - you will avoid a big danger
    to be hit - health problems
    earthly - long journey
    falling - someone will help you in your troubles.

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