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Currency in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Currency as a dream symbol means trust, self-esteem and success.
    see your country's currency - a positive sign of flourishing and improvement in all spheres of life
    currency of a foreign country - you will be afraid of losing your own place in the world, you lack the ability or the ability to achieve some intended goal
    currency you do not know - you feel that someone is ignoring you, ignoring or disregarding you
    recalculate - your financial situation will soon stabilize
    destroy - you lack ambition, strength and self-esteem in your life, you may also feel lonely and lose control over your own life
    collect currencies different countries - someone does not pay enough attention to you, alternatively a dream means a feeling of insecurity or selfishness
    exchange currency - sleep is a warning to show more attention to detail in life
    counterfeit currency - you lack funds or do not have enough knowledge to achieve your goal
    create an imaginary currency - you do not use standard methods to achieve your goals
    in-game currency - you will be disappointed, especially in the financial sphere.

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