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Avocado in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Avocados in a dream portend an improvement in your material situation. Perhaps you will change your job for a better job or make investments that will bring you substantial profits. In another meaning, a dream indicates your promiscuity. You feel that it is not yet time to settle down and start a family. Perhaps you do it sometime, with a strong accent on sometime.

The specific meaning of the Avocado dream:

Seeing an avocado in a dream is a good sign of getting the right reward for your efforts. You know that you deserve a little pleasure from time to time, because that is how you find the motivation for continuous action and development.

Eating an avocado suggests that only with common sense and patience you will be able to implement your plans. It is possible that you are currently going through some difficulties, but you are well aware that they are only temporary and only thanks to systematic action you will be able to achieve everything you want.

Peeling an avocado in a dream reflects your inner peace and optimism. You are not discouraged by any adversities, for some unknown reasons, regardless of your current position, you manage to stay cheerful.

Picking avocados shows that you will make your dreams come true. Although hardly anyone believed it, and it seemed a bit crazy at first, you are already on the home straight to make one of your dreams come true.

A rotten avocado means you are faced with a streak of disappointments and failures. Perhaps the person you until recently considered your friend will hurt you enormously, and this will make you lose your confidence and you will not be able to shake it for a long time.

Ripe, juicy or hanging on a tree, it bodes well for an overall improvement in your financial situation. The coming period will be exceptionally successful for you, even though the surroundings will clearly not be conducive to it.

Unripe avocados mean that everything you engage in is neglected. A guilty interpretation of the dream of an unripe avocado may herald a not very good time for planning large expenses. If you are planning to buy an apartment or a car, it is better to recalculate everything, paying particular attention to the current economic situation.

Buying an avocado in a dream should be taken as a warning against those who want to take the fruits of our labor from us. Possibly, a dream may portend unexpected expenses.

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