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Answer in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The answer in a dream is an expression of inner thoughts and desires. It is also the basis of interpersonal communication. Thanks to the feedback contained in various answers to the questions asked, we know exactly how to proceed in our lives, what decisions to make and what to avoid. Perhaps you are looking for answers to your questions in a dream. Your subconscious mind may be the key to unraveling many mysteries, and thanks to dreams you can listen to it better. Questions to which we expect answers in dreams do not always have to be satisfactory for us, as they are often unclear and surprising for us.
    respond to someone - you will create a long-lasting bond with someone
    wait for an answer - futile and illusory hopes will exceed your tolerance
    reply to a letter - good news will end bad relationships with loved ones
    to respond to e-mail - the message you wanted to keep only to yourself will spread out in no time
    to someone else's question - a certain person who has been dragging your nose now will make you specific suggestions
    positive answer - slowly but surely you will be heading towards your dream goal
    negative - someone focused on you will critically use his power against you
    get no answer - you will be disappointed with the attitude of the person who has already shaken your world more than once
    to be called to school answers - you will receive another fate challenge that will test your talent.

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