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Clothing/Outfit in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Clothing is a symbol of public image and self-perception; it indicates the current condition and the current state of health. Sleep can also be interpreted as a sexual symbol.
    see - you are trying to seduce someone or hide a secret about yourself from the world
    wear comfortable and fit - the hypocritical person will impersonate for your achievements
    wear clean - you will try to ensure a better future at all costs
    clean dirty - fight the old habits and habits will end in failure
    wear new - new perspectives will appear before you
    see new ones with tags - you will get too involved in an acquaintance that will not necessarily be good for you
    keep changing them - the dream promises the necessity to change
    too suitable, o tight - you feel that someone is constantly limiting you
    wearing too loose or too big - low self-esteem
    be inappropriate for the occasion - you are not properly prepared to take significant actions in your life
    torn - your logic doesn't make sense; you have to change your way of thinking and start using stronger arguments
    wash them - someone will disturb your good mood
    buy - you have problems with adapting to a new role in life
    white - it's time to move on and change your attitude to be more positive
    black - you will show someone your dark face
    wear the back to the front - you will be critical of some person who has no evil intentions towards you
    translate to the other side - you are trying to defend yourself against the inevitable
    tracksuit - you will have to combine many things at the same time
    get them from someone - someone will confirm you in your conviction about some issue
    dress - symbolizes submission, fulfillment and obedience to someone's needs.

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