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Bruise in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of a bruise very often means sad events in life. Consider the symbolism of any part of the body that has been bruised. Bruising in a dream is often a sign of forced decisions and activities that were done against our will.
    seeing a bruise - sleep is a sign of stress and increasing pressure that a loved one will start to put on you
    bruise someone or yourself - sad days will completely fill your future
    touch the bruise - old wounds will be scratched again
    have a bruise on your leg - you will have to come to terms with the consequences of your own actions
    have a bruise on your arm - someone will not appreciate you for your hard work and in return will provided you with many worries and worries, think carefully - such a situation may take place, for example, at home or at work.
    have under your eyes - changes that p you plan to introduce them to your life cause you inner anxiety
    hide bruises - a certain acquaintance will have a very sad end if you do not end it in time.

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