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    Most often it represents a situation in your life that makes you feel uncomfortable or in which you need to be extremely patient. Complaining is useless here, because the solution itself will come at the right time anyway.
    wait for him - temporary difficulties in achieving personal goals
    be late for him - you lose control of some aspect of your life; you have to slow down and draw up a new plan
    go without a ticket - someone's compliments will lose you
    get into the wrong one - fear of making a wrong decision or going the wrong way; perhaps you feel a tear between what you want and what others expect from you
    to be in it - you follow the crowd, you lack originality; you do not control the direction in which your life is going - think about a change
    take part in a bus accident - you need to be more independent in life; it's time to disconnect from the group and risk taking some action on your own
    drive it - if you learn to overcome the pettiness of others, you will gain a lot in all respects in life.

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