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Animal excrement in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    excrement can be both positive and negative in sleep. Stepping into animal excrement is usually a sign of happiness. However, when it takes on a strange shade, then they foretell life's sorrows and worries.
    to see - the time has come to admit feelings that may be embarrassing
    cow droppings - lack of support from close people will make you feel lonely and rejected
    dog or cat droppings - you will start to feel a routine, it's high time to think about changes
    collect them, clean up after your own pet - do not make decisions under the pressure of the moment because it may turn out to be wrong
    step in - it bodes well for life and hope for the fulfillment of your innermost desires
    smear yourself - everything will go well, the sun will finally shine after the storm in your life
    green - expect your current life situation to worsen
    dark - don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today
    sure - do not give advice to others as it may be misread.

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