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Abandonment in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Abandonment in a dream reflects our fears of being excluded from society or from a certain social group. These fears intensify when we want to protect something that is important to us. Sometimes, a dream urges the dreamer to leave behind feelings and actions that have been hindering their growth for some time. The motif of abandonment in a dream can also stem from difficult feelings and problems dating back to childhood. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you feel neglected or that your feelings are being ignored. The dream is also a metaphor urging us to finally change our approach to life.

to see - you should take appropriate steps as soon as possible to solve the problem that is troubling you.

to be abandoned - you feel a strong fear of abandonment or betrayal, and this situation may be caused by a recent loss of a loved one.

to feel a fear of abandonment - the dream is part of the healing process.

to be abandoned by a partner - unless it is really about a breakup with a partner, such a dream indicates a lack of freedom in the romantic relationship.

to be abandoned by a lover - you can expect a financial boost in the near future.

to abandon a job - you will finally feel better and want to take as much as possible from life.

to abandon a family - the dream is a warning that something unfortunate may happen to you in the near future.

to abandon one's own children - due to your own recklessness and foolishness, you will lose a large portion of your savings.

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