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Underlay in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The underlay in the dream book is read as an announcement of the upcoming changes. This is a sign that you need to review your past projects as soon as possible and create a framework for future tasks. A dream about sleepers usually prompts the dreamer to start a life inventory.

The meaning of Underlay dream:

Make-up foundation according to the known interpretation of dreams is a sign that you want to impersonate someone or change your current image. Either way, you feel bad in your skin and want to be perceived differently by those around you.

In dreams, the background music is usually a positive harbinger of joyful parties, happiness and life pleasures. If you want to overcome an impasse that will soon begin to bother you with a victorious hand, first you will have to curb your addictions and bad habits.

Hygienic pads are a sign in dreams that you are worried about your health, but you do not know exactly how to approach the topic of diagnostics. Perhaps the key to the whole situation may be talking to someone close or more experienced than you.

A broken underlay in a dream means that the important foundations of your life that you have built with so much passion will collapse when you least expect it. It may take too long to repair, so respect and cherish what you have achieved and grown so far.

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