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Alimony in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Alimony in a dream is a warning against entering the wrong path in life and against the apparent happiness that can only bring the dreamer only dilemmas and sorrows. Alimony is a sign of taking a shortcut resulting from bad decisions, and can also predict financial losses. It is important not to be provoked by random people whose theses and assumptions may waste many unique chances in life.
    If you have been granted maintenance in a dream, it is a sign that financial problems may arise due to making a series of wrong decisions or unsuccessful investments.
    If in a dream you receive child support from a parent then your worries will become less with time, alternatively sleep means a happy way out of a difficult situation.
    When you see alimony in your bank account it suggests that you should stop in life because sooner or later you will surely burn out
    When you dream that you are paying alimony, it may suggest that you are paying for your actions or past mistakes.
    Getting alimony in a dream is a sign of the end of worries in your life that you have been struggling with for some time.
    The dream of high alimony is a sign that you should take better care of your relationship with your partner, perhaps your bond has weakened a bit, so it will be worth thinking about some changes to improve the relationship.

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