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Woodcut in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A woodcut in a dream symbolizes the disclosure of a secret. A family secret from the past that you had no idea about may be revealed. This discovery will make you look at your loved ones in a completely different way. In another sense, the dream may be a positive sign, indicating new opportunities.

Jesus wood face woodcut

The Symbolism and Meaning of Woodcut in a Dream

The appearance of a woodcut in your dream reflects your creativity and artistic soul. It is a sign that you do not lack talent, however, you do not know how to fully use it. Perhaps it is a fear of risk or a lack of self-confidence.

Carving in wood foretells that you will entrust some secret to your beloved or friend. You may reveal to him or her something troubling you for a long time.

When you see someone making a woodcut, such a dream usually means that you are gathering strength and energy to put some of your ideas into practice. You feel that it is time to return to an unrealized venture.

When you dream that someone is teaching you to carve wood, such a dream most often means that you will try something new in your life. This usually involves something you've had the desire to do for years, but for some reason, you haven't undertaken the activity. Possibly a new hobby, or some extreme experience like bungee jumping or skydiving.

Making an icon out of wood indicates your high spirituality. It's a sign that you often follow the principles of your religion and don't question the moral principles preached by it.

To see a carved face in wood indicates your selfishness. You often tend to stand your ground and do not recognize compromise. You believe that since everyone has only one life they must make the most of it, and not give in to the weak. This behavior makes you get into conflicts easily, and most people consider you not only selfish but also a big baby.

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