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Advent in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The Advent dream proposes a general improvement in the dreamer's existence, a positive end to current affairs, and a general change for the better. When you dream of Advent, it is an announcement that in the near future you will have many nice social gatherings, thanks to which you will renew old friendships. Advent in a dream is also a symbol of hope, seeking support and help, faith in a better tomorrow, and sometimes doubt as well.

Meaning of dream: ADVENT

    The beginning of Advent means that you will finally stop hovering in the clouds and worrying about someone else's opinion, sooner or later you will find out that the most important thing is to trust your innate intuition.
    The end of Advent means, as the dream interpretation says, that you will begin to feel firm and stable in your position now. The dream announces that you will enter a completely new and unknown path. Whether it will be an adventure or a huge disappointment soon remains to be seen.
    Prayer during Advent is a sign in a dream that the matter you are waiting for will start to drag on forever, but many urgent duties will make you go to something else and stop thinking about it.

Mystical dream interpretation:

    According to the interpretation, the dream refers to the waiting time for the arrival of a positive period in the dreamer's life. It is a prophecy of many changes as well as many opportunities to experience perfect love. You will finally stop being afraid of expressing what you feel because the worst threat will quickly pass and your future will start to look more colorful.

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