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Wind in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The wind in a dream symbolizes life force, vigor and energy. It reflects the changes that you need to implement to speed up the pace of your own work. The wind, according to the dream book, symbolizes the inner power and the spirit that moves around the world and motivates to fight in a specific direction. In biblical terminology, wind is associated with belief in life changes and also represents divine power, new life and holy spirit. The dream wind theme is combined with positive energy, vital forces and the desire to remove uncomfortable barriers from life. Dreaming about wind is both positive and negative omen. Dreams about winds, tornadoes and hurricanes may indicate the desired changes, the desire for freedom and greater freedom, or about life perturbations.

The meaning of the dream of the wind:

When you dream that you hear or see the wind hitting something, it is a sign that you will make a new discovery in your life.

A dream about the wind blowing in your face portends that someone will stop you from taking an important initiative. Therefore, you will learn a lesson from it that in the future you should be guided only by your own reason and, above all, not to look at others.

The wind blowing in your back tells you in your dreams that you will take a step forward, which will allow you to get closer to your goal.

A windy day in dreams sends a message to accelerate the pace of your work to achieve what you want in life.

A whirlwind appearing in dreams is a sign that you will experience enormous stress in your life, which will demotivate you to work. Numerous changes will also contribute to establishing new life priorities.

Dream interpretation strong and gusty wind:

A strong wind in a dream is associated with the changes that will soon appear on the horizon and the process of frequent movement. A strong wind heralds a big change in the dreamer's life, a small one - smaller but unexpected changes. A dream of a gusty wind can indicate turbulence and shocks in life.

Dream about objects blowing in the wind:

If in a dream you see objects blowing in the wind, then you are trying to move to a safe place and the driving force that will allow you to finally move forward.

A dream about a weak wind:

A weak wind in your dreams is a sign that you will lose all your strength for things that will be of no use to you. If you don't move in a while, your chances of self-fulfillment may decrease significantly.

Dream of sheltering from the wind:

If you are trying to shield yourself from the wind in your dream, this is a clear message to you that you will face a difficult challenge and will need to protect yourself from something extremely difficult in your life.

Storm dream interpretation:

The storm in dreams is a harbinger of general confusion and an attack on the person who dreams about it. It may indicate quarrels and disputes in the immediate vicinity. It is also a sign that a stormy, worst time is coming.

Dream interpretation wind outside the window:

The dream of the wind outside the window proves that you will find a safe haven from which you will passively observe numerous events in the life of people from your.

Dream interpretation wind opens the window:

If the wind opens a window in your dream, it is a sign that you will start looking at your life through rose-colored glasses and you will be walking with your head in the clouds. This type of dream can also mean that you will experience a big surprise because of strange events in your life. Fortunately for you, however, someone will lift your spirits.

Dream interpretation wind at home:

heralds unpredictable events and possible life anxieties. You may find that everything that will happen soon in your life will be almost beyond your control.

Wind - mystical dream book:

During storms, clouds take various shapes and formations, their structure may resemble a heart in love or even a boat. Likewise, your dream of the wind according to the mystical dream book may mean that you need the freedom to express your own uninhibited thoughts or that you are looking for a safe haven where you can wait until the windy weather has passed. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the wind was related to human intuition.

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