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    The family in a dream, depending on mutual relations, symbolizes security, warmth and love or, on the contrary, bitterness, jealousy and competition. In a negative sense, a dream of a family may indicate that you will be faced with childhood problems that will have to be faced.
    see the family - an announcement of happy events that contribute to the improvement of your present existence
    have a family - the happiness and joy that you will start to feel in your life will be the result of good relations between family members
    see someone's family - you want something that is not within your reach, but if you want to achieve success in life, you will have to cut your flights down a bit
    have a good relationship with your family - you will make a good deal that will bring you profits in the future men
    have a bad relationship with your family - a sharp exchange of views will make you more distant from someone
    happy family - unexpected complications will weaken your budget and cause a radical change in life plans
    feuding family - you have been neglecting your loved ones for some time, expect reproaches and regret, especially from your mother
    quarrel with a family member - a person who is an authority on you will start to criticize you
    live with your family - if you do not start taking certain steps in your life you will slowly become completely addicted to someone
    kill one of your family members - expect good news
    to be at a family party - you will improve your relations with the environment and you will regain a good opinion
    father - you can be sure that your father has a special affection for you and loves you very much
    mother - in a dream heralds the achievement of material and spiritual success in life
    son - if you want to maintain good relationships with all family members you will have to show yourself to your loved ones from the best side
    daughter - overcoming obstacles will give you a better position in life
    twins - you will have two important decisions to make, one of which will require deeper reflection
    father-in-law - a dream with a positive meaning that portends happiness in life
    if you are a woman and you dream that your father, brother or husband turns into someone else in a dream - if you want to progress, then you must end a toxic relationship or a relationship that pulls you into down
    not get to know a family member - you will suffer from internal psychological trauma
    cassir relationship read - you will encounter emotional problems in your relationship or become a victim of oppression.
    Grandparents appearing in a dream:
    They emphasize home traditions, beliefs and moral attitudes passed down from generation to generation. It is commonly believed that grandparents begin to realize that they have managed to raise their own children only when their grandchildren appear in the world. The dream indicates that you have been properly raised and you should be happy with your current life.
    to see your husband in a dream:
    You are concerned about your partner's feelings, sleep is an expression of intimate feelings that affect not only our body but also our mind and spirit.

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