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The range of topics that can appear in dreams is extremely wide. The urine dream can be embarrassing! Meanwhile, the importance of dreaming about urine can be truly surprising - both positive and negative. What does a dream about urine mean? Decode the meaning of your dreams!

What does a dream about urine mean?

Urine - what does the dream book say about it? The meaning of urine dream depends on context, feelings, and even colors. It is worth remembering that urination is a very important part of the functioning of the human body. Difficulty urinating most often indicates a health problem. On the other hand, when urinating, we often feel relieved, which is clearly positive. In addition, the element that cleanses the body is urine - the dream book tells about getting rid of negative emotions, toxic relationships and everything that threatens us. Dreaming about urine, in a way, also reflects the satisfaction that comes from improving health. On the other hand, the activity itself is a private matter, so the presence of third parties while urinating means shame and other negative emotions. Urine dream can also be an interesting expression of self-criticism. In addition, the meaning of urine dream may vary depending on the beliefs of the individual and the cultural formation to which he belongs. That is why the dream book is full of various information about what the meaning of urine that appeared unexpectedly in your dreams.

Dream interpretation - urine. The importance of urine dream

What does a dream about urine mean? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. When deciphering your dreams, take into account what life situation you are in at the moment. Do you suffer from health problems, or rather emotional ones? Do you feel good about your recent behavior? Or maybe you are concerned about the opinions of other people? The importance of urine dream can be very diverse and surprising. Urine - the dream book will tell you what it means. Here are the most common themes related to this topic:

  • urinating - dream in which you urinate normally and induce relief is absolutely positive. A dream about urine can symbolize a release from negative emotions. So if your thoughts are depressing and fearful at the moment, dreaming about urine could mean the end of a difficult period. The importance of urine dream can also apply to your physical health. If there is a feeling of relief and peace during sleep, dreaming about urine is a bright harbinger of improvement! In addition, if you urinate very abundantly in your sleep, the dream suggests a flowering of feelings and a positive change in your emotional life. However, if the dream is not pleasant, but rather arouses fear caused by a sense of lack of control - such topics may be a warning against too rapid development of events.
  • blood in the urine - a dream in which blood-colored urine appears may mean negative changes. Interestingly, these changes often relate to the sphere of shame. Dreaming about blood in your urine often foretells a situation in which you will behave inappropriately. However, such a dream about blood urine may also herald the child's illness. The blood itself signifies the life-giving element. So dream in which you get rid of blood along with urine means loss of vitality and health. On the other hand, the pissing of blood alone can symbolize some kind of gap between what you want and what is good for you and for others.
  • to see urine - a dream during which you simply see urine can be difficult to decode. Usually, however, this type of urine dream means that you are not reserved enough when it comes to certain actions and decisions. Meanwhile, their effects can be very unpleasant. A dream in which you watch your urine is a warning and encouragement to learn to be careful. On the other hand, in many dream books you can find information that the sight of urine in a dream is a harbinger of an illness.
  • clean up urine - a dream in which you clean up urine is a double reference to the sphere of shyness. Just looking at your urine is a symbol of what is not appropriate. Cleaning up your urine, for example, from the bed linen, is also a kind of abstinence science. It can herald many trials to overcome temptation. Dreaming about urine is usually associated with temptation of the body, although it is not necessarily the case. Moreover, when you are cleaning up your baby's urine in a dream, the meaning is quite different. A mother who dreams of a wet child's bed is simply exhausted, full of fears and worries related to the family sphere.
  • seeing someone urinate - if in a dream you are forced to watch someone urinate, you may be witness to a scandalous event. However, if in a nightmare you are drenched with this urine, you can expect that someone will hurt you severely soon. These accusations are often unfair and shameful. This type of urine dream can also be a sign of a relationship problem. Some also point to the association of this symbolism with low self-esteem.

What does a dream about urine mean? Unusual dreams

The dream motifs listed above, related to urine or urination, are just the examples that appear most often. There are also less common dreams, such as:

  • see how the animal urinates - dream interpretation suggests that this type of dream may herald changes. What? If a peeing cat appears in your dream, you may have some difficult decisions to make. If, on the other hand, you see a dog in your dream, you will probably soon make a new friend.
  • passing urine for testing - a dream in which you urinate for testing has a rather unambiguous message. It is a positive urine dream that symbolizes the end of protracted health problems.
  • a dream about a peeing child - such a dream symbolizes spontaneity, therefore it can be read positively. Its second meaning, however, is not so optimistic, because this type of dream about urine also means naivety.
  • drinking urine - dreaming about urine can be a sign of recovery. The importance of urine dream in this context is largely dependent on how urine-drinking is perceived in a given culture. Consuming urine is one of the therapies in Western alternative medicine.
  • hear someone urinating - a dream about urine in which you cannot see it but hear someone else defecate can herald negative changes in your social life. Such a urine dream often means that someone is gossiping about you.
  • passing hot urine - a dream in which there is a hot, uncontrolled stream of urine is an indicator of buzzing emotions. These are usually feelings that are difficult to deal with.
  • difficulty urinating - what is the importance of dreaming about urine, during which you have trouble performing this purely physiological activity? Such a dream is usually a picture of mental barriers that you cannot deal with.

The meaning of urine dream - various theories

There are various interpretations of dreams with urine in the lead role. The meaning of urine dream can be interpreted completely differently by representatives of other currents. First of all, some interpretations refer to the future, and some refer to the dreamer's current feelings. The second trend relates in particular to psychology, and not to esotericism or magic. In turn, the typically Freudian approach treats the meaning of urinary dream quite unambiguously. According to Freud, the urine dream refers to sexual desires that may not have been fulfilled. The urine dream, however, can also be seen as a symbol of water, which is a symbol of creation. The creation of something new is an ambiguous motive that may refer to changes both in the person himself and in his environment. Urine can also symbolize everything that we want to hide in the recesses of our psyche.

In addition, in cultures completely different from the European, urine means something completely different. Namely, the Arabic dream book treats urine as a symbol of something scandalous, or even just plain bad. According to this culture, the dream of urinating means that you will soon behave very inappropriately. Consuming urine is a symbol of punishment for misdemeanors. On the other hand, a dream about blood-stained urine portends a threat to you. A comparison of these several theories clearly shows that dreams should be interpreted carefully. The deciding factor should be the emotions that are felt during sleep as well as in the real world. In addition, urine dream can happen to people of all ages. This aspect should also be taken into account. Children dream of urinating simply because learning to use a potty can be stressful for little ones. Such dreams often end up wetting the bed. In addition, adults too often dream of urine simply because they feel the urge to go to the toilet.

Did the dream about urine surprise you? Or maybe such dreams appear regularly? If you are interested in the importance of urine dream, be sure to read this comparison. Remember, however, that when analyzing dreams, the most important factor is the individual factor. Contrary to appearances, the urine dream is not something uncommon, and the number of possible motives and interpretations is truly amazing.

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