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Ask in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The motive of asking in a dream encourages us to take appropriate action, is a kind of exhortation to implement changes, shows us new possibilities. In a negative sense, the dream reflects recklessness and intentionally exposing yourself to danger. Sleep can be applied to the popular phrase "asking for trouble".
    asking someone for something - you have an emotional concern that disturbs you on a daily basis
    someone asks us for something - some aspect of you will attract someone's attention
    ask someone but to no avail - you will futile efforts and efforts
    to fulfill someone else's request - your anxiety will turn out to be unfounded
    be afraid to ask for help - take care of your own interests are not your strongest point
    ask for help - you will question your own abilities because it seems to you that something is still missing e those in life
    ask for forgiveness - you will violate someone's personal space
    ask for money - your subconscious mind questions your choice, think again if you can afford it.

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