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Transmitter in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The transmitter in a dream is a symbol of secret matters, risk, conspiracy, trouble and inner anxiety. It is a message not to trust strangers who pretend to be friends and smile nicely, as they can cause unnecessary trouble. The dream also calls for appropriate caution and warns against the dangers that can at any moment change the life of the dreamer to the detriment.
    If you see a transmitter in your dream, beware of people offering you a seemingly bright future, as their falsity may be the beginning of your troubles.
    The secret transmitter in a dream foretells suffering on the part of rich people, you better be careful what you say, because you may fall victim to intrigues that you have never dreamed of before.
    A transmitter of foreign origin in a dream usually signifies that you will have to explain something, it may concern both professional and private matters.
    A dream about a switched-on transmitter is a harbinger of favorable changes in business, a chance to start a better life, joy and abundance.
    If you hear it, it is a sign that you will be able to solve a certain administrative case or that you will get a better position, job or a raise.

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