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    The dream trial is an announcement that many tests will be waiting for you in the near future. The biggest challenge, however, may be meeting a loved one who has so far lived far away from you. The dream of a trial is a symbol of the dreamer's life experiences and struggles with ordinary everyday life. For some, the dream has a positive effect, while for others it is a negative harbinger.
    Usually, a dress rehearsal says that you will get an almost impossible task, but with a few simple tips you will be able to solve it properly and you will be very lucky.
    If you are an actor and you dream of a rehearsal, then it is a sign that your dreams of a better life will come true if you only reveal your repressed feelings and overcome numerous difficulties. You will become stronger if you just run away from your reality for a while.
    When you see the actors rehearsing on stage, it is a prediction related to the positive emotions that will accompany you in the near future due to entering a new stage of your life.
    When you do something for trial, dream is an expression of fear of failure in life and poor living conditions. Though you miss the ever-changing environment, you will now have to wait through the difficult time in which you will live for a certain period of time.

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