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Children in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Children in dreams are a symbol of innocence, cleanliness, simplicity and a carefree attitude towards life.
    see them - you will try to fulfill suppressed desires and unfulfilled hopes
    fight them - you stifle and hide some feelings in you
    see fighting with yourself - a conflict between your own character and sense of morality
    forget your own - you feel overwhelmed by the excess of responsibilities; you need to focus more on what is important to you
    To dream that your own adult children are very young - you see your children as young and dependent beings; alternatively, sleep means a desire to be needed and useful
    observe children from hiding - a dream means a hidden talent that has not been recognized or appreciated by others
    save them - an attempt to save self from destruction - self-destruction
    to be separated from one's own children - failure in personal effort or failure related to some action or unusual situation
    dying - loss or unpleasant changes in some aspect of life that once had the potential
    playing with children - lack of courage and willingness to engage in something serious
    to dream of children you don't know in real life - new ideas or situations will emerge that will find support from those around you
    bad, capricious - you feel that the problems are getting out of your control
    feed them - you are disturbed by childish views and habits
    crying - stagnation in business.

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