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Town square in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of a town square in a dream represents balance, stability and dedication, and it also refers to letting go of negative thoughts and emotions during various changes or experiences in our lives. For more precise interpretations, we should also pay attention to what is happening in the square.
    to see - you will hide an incident to protect your loved one from the danger of it
    crossing the town square - you will have to perform a monotonous and tedious task
    stand in the town square - you will have no sense of security in your life, you will find yourself in the field of fire which will make you vulnerable to all attacks by rivals
    construction site - take a profitable venture
    city square - you will start to feel a lack of support from the immediate surroundings
    playground - you miss a carefree life
    big - you will gain a faithful ally who will not abandon you in times of need
    small - sweep your problems under the rug.

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