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    Pansies in a dream are a good sign that usually means praise, joy and happiness. Pansies are a symbol of love and fragility, but sometimes they are also a sign of an impending quarrel In another sense, they indicate minor misunderstandings with the opposite sex, most often related to the lack of communication in partnerships, and are also a harbinger of life stabilization, minor changes and a wonderful life.
    pansies view - it is a sign that you will not miss a good deal
    the smell of pansies - it means that after a period of stagnation, new opportunities will appear in your life in the long run
    white - they are a symbol of joy and happiness; perhaps in the near future you will join a party where you will have a great time
    blue - they are a sign of faith, but when they are dry - a sign that you lack a sense of reality in your life
    red - they symbolize love and honor
    purple - can herald separation
    yellow - are a symbol of jealousy
    gift to someone else - means that you will find out that someone loves you secretly
    pansy picking - suggests that you will find happiness in life and love
    receiving them as a gift - is a harbinger of good days and special recognition, sometimes also marriage
    touching pansies - associated with a quiet life, strong romantic relationships, profits and large crops
    a bouquet of pansies - is a sign of joy
    pansies growing in the garden - are a harbinger of good days and special recognition
    many pansies - is z an announcement of easing the perceived pain.
    fresh pansies - refer to life's hopes for the future, they are a sign of beautiful feelings
    dry pansies - usually they are an announcement of sad moments in the dreamer's life
    pansies in a vase - they announce financial benefits at different stages of life.

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