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    Sleeping about the toilet has a slightly different meaning depending on what is in it. It is a sign that your life is going in the wrong direction, constantly you feel bad and you are constantly depressed. A temporary breakdown can affect both your personal and professional life.
    see the toilet - you have to get rid of something in your life once and for all that is useless for a long time
    to clean the toilet - you will lose your own inhibitions in your life, which to your surprise will significantly improve the quality of your life
    non-lockable toilet - you will start to experience a lack of privacy or free time
    slam the toilet - you will find yourself in a trap from which it will be difficult to find a way out
    see excrement in the shell - your life will gain momentum, you will feel a general improvement, especially in financial matters
    if we see urine in it - beautiful love will go into oblivion with time
    rinse the water in it - sleep promises undesirable situations or bad thought patterns that you will begin to replicate in your life
    see it as a clogged toilet bowl - sleep means repressed emotions or problems and failures that inhibit your individual progress.

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