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    A dream of desperation is a sign of doubting the success of your own undertakings and of a difficult situation in your life. Desperation in a dream is a symbol of doubt and indecision that usually result from a difficult situation in life. If you continue to blindly trust your enemies, you will end up ruining yourself.
    to see someone desperate - you will find find yourself in an extreme situation in life that will force you to take crazy and hasty actions
    be desperate - you will hold onto the last resort in life, thanks to which you will avoid the danger in life
    comfort a desperate person - you will backfire by interfering in other people's matters, someone will take your intentions wrong, which will make you enemies
    desperation because of sp personal raw materials - you will want to achieve your goal at all costs, but the blind journey will lead you nowhere
    to be desperate for your work - you will attract criticism after you you will be incalculable in your actions
    desperation in a partner relationship - a dream portends you to lose hope or despair.

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