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Sword in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A sword in a dream is a symbol of ambition, the will to compete and a strong will. It is also a proof of defending one's own ideals. In a negative sense, it is a sign of aggression.
    to see the sword - in the face of life's difficulties you will show great persistence
    hold it firmly in your hand - you will cause a fight, in which you will eventually emerge victorious
    see a sword stuck in your back - someone will unnecessarily put a lot of pressure on you
    see a sword hanging over your head - a dream warns against the lurking danger
    if someone takes your sword - you will lose in a fierce battle with your fearless rivals
    cut someone down with the sword - sleep is a harbinger of feuds and disputes
    wear a sword - the work you will soon undertake will give you a lot of satisfaction and will give your life a higher rank
    strikes with the sword for water - you will fight a fight that you are not able to win, you will only lose time and energy that could be used positively for other purposes
    lose him - if you will not change your behavior soon you will be alone
    broken sword - the departure of a loved one will make you despair.

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