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Swing in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The swing that appears in dreams indicates a desire to return to the carefree moments of childhood, while rocking gave us a feeling of peace and allowed us to live a full life of happiness and joy. Swing in a dream is associated with the need to forget about the limitations of adulthood. The dream interpretation says that the best way to achieve balance in life is to adopt just such a way of thinking. A dream swing is not a good sign only when it is empty. Otherwise, it foreshadows a life in harmony. The swing is also a symbol of movement, it is an expression of satisfaction and freedom, alternatively it emphasizes the desire for sexual change. A swing may also show that your feelings for a certain person are not stable, you are still thrashing and wondering how to proceed in this complicated matter. The dream of a swing is also a warning of the dangers of taking mindless actions in the dreamer's life.

SWING - the meaning of dream:

    When you see the swing, it means that someone will give you valuable information about your family and maybe even get an invitation to a wedding. Your childhood memories will come back to you. Such a dream is also an expression of the desire to escape from current affairs and duties, and to blame oneself for past mistakes.
    If you swing on a swing, the dream book foretells sleepless nights and many vicissitudes in your life.
    If you are swinging someone on a swing, it is a sign that you will be baptized.
    If you see someone else swinging on a swing, then you will have a hard time deciding between two very attractive offers.
    According to the dream book, a child sitting on a swing is an announcement of success in the implementation of one's own plans and aspirations, as well as a sign of hope for the future. Dream is a sign of happiness in family and business matters.
    A swing with chains is a bad sign that can herald a prison sentence.
    Twins sitting on a swing herald changes in personal life.
    If you see yourself looking at a swing, then the dream portends numerous conflicts.
    Sitting on a swing in your dreams is an announcement that you will have more freedom in your life.
    If you see an empty swing, you will be in trouble and maybe even health problems.
    Swaying on it is a sign that you will hesitate for a long time to make a decision on an important matter.

Mystical dream interpretation - SWING

    The swing in a dream represents the dreamer's ups and downs, happiness and misfortune, and many other opposing values. It can also indicate numerous weaknesses and a tendency to move back and forth and toss between one's own abilities.

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