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    The superhero dream represents your extraordinary talents, ideas, and other hidden abilities that you may not even be aware of. The superhero in your dream represents someone in your waking world whom you distinguish and consider stronger than yourself. Alternatively, the dream is a reflection of some unusual problem that you are trying to deal with while awake.
    superhero sight - calls the dreamer to approach problems with due care and caution every time
    when the superhero has weak powers - then the dream suggests that no one is invincible and that everyone has their weaknesses
    being a superhero - is a sign that you will help a person in need to solve a very complicated problem
    dead superhero - means that you will be put by someone against the wall, and then you will manage to miraculously get out of the whole situation
    talking to him - despite the enormous effort and dedication to a certain matter, a loved one will not appreciate you on time or disappoint you greatly.

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