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    Dreams drink is an expression of loosening all restrictions that were previously imposed on the dreamer. Sleep is a frequent symbol of promiscuity and fun, it represents a frivolous attitude and a loose approach to Perhaps you are fed up with all the prohibitions that for some time restrict your movements and make your everyday life difficult. You want to start living freely and according to your own rules.
    drinking a drink - someone will judge you as a person too frivolous in their approach to life
    preparing a drink - you will indulge in a momentary pleasure, luckily at some point you will come to your senses in time
    tasty drink - it announces that you will start to live a life of happiness and in accordance with your conscience and beliefs
    with a lot of alcohol - momentary passions will quickly pass
    drinking a lot - a sign that a certain person will contribute to this that you will miss an important moment in your life
    non-alcoholic drink - you will have a good mood and fun.

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