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Storm in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The storm that appears in dreams is a harbinger of life shocks, especially in terms of feelings, it is also an expression of the inner anger or regret of the person who dreams about it. In a general sense, a storm that should be associated with bad weather is, according to the dream book, a symbol of all kinds of chaos and confusion, both on a personal and psychological level. Storms and thunderstorms in dreams usually clean the air and give the dreamer a feeling of freedom after eliminating unpleasant life shocks, sensations and surprises. The storm dream is one of the worst omens in a dream. It is a strong symbol that has many meanings.

What does it mean to dream about STORM?

The view of a storm is a dream announcement that you will prevent an unfortunate situation that could destabilize your life, introduce chaos and cause complete destruction.

A violent storm carries a message to try to weather the storm in your own life, no matter how much you are tormented by your inner emotions and feelings.

If someone accompanies you during the storm, it could be a sign that your relationship with your partner is becoming very turbulent. Your life will be very turbulent for a long time. In a positive sense, this type of dream means that the disagreement that can cause emotional stress can give you a sense of peace.

If you are at sea during a storm, according to the dream interpretation, you will experience the purifying influence of another person. Dream is a warning to be careful about the risks you are taking, as they can lead you to catastrophe.

If you see a lighthouse during a storm, it is a harbinger of temporary difficulties and sadness that you will eventually overcome in your life.

Surviving the storm in dreams foreshadows numerous progress in life as well as rapid and significant changes.

If you die in a storm, then dream is a warning against taking steps that could ruin your life. A storm is an element that is associated with devastation, because it can destroy everything that meets on its way.

Storm in the mystical dream book:

Storms and storms usually clean the air and give the dreamer a feeling of freedom after eliminating unpleasant life sensations, shocks and surprises. A storm in dreams is a harbinger of danger and life difficulties, it is also associated with life ups and downs. Consider, perhaps you've been feeling down for some reason lately. These types of dreams are inextricably linked with the dreamer's state of mind as well as the symbol of fear of life and all-consuming fear.

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