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Boutique in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Boutique is a symbol of wealth and power. It is also an expression of desire and fascination with things that, contrary to appearances, mean little to us.
    boutique view - means you desire things that are not at your fingertips
    cheap boutique - you can achieve a lot at a cheap cost
    expensive boutique - it says that you will make wrong decisions on the spur of the moment
    shopping in a boutique - shopping mania will get you
    a boutique with a lot of clothes - a wealth that will sooner or later cover your eyes
    with a small amount of clothes - instead of enjoying what you have you will start looking for unnecessary impressions
    if you try on clothes in it - it is a harbinger of big changes in your life
    if you buy something in a boutique - means that you want your life to be at the current level
    if you own a boutique - it is a sign that you will make big changes in your life for which other people will admire you over time
    if you work in boutique - it means that you will achieve the peace you dream about in life
    if you leave the boutique with a lot of shopping - you will fall into self-love, which will make your life a great a blunder.

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