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Spectacle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A spectacle in a dream is a sign of the desire to hide under the mask of another person and express your inner feelings from a different perspective. You want to create the world from a different point of view than everyone else, you want to have the courage to pull out all the weeds that have so far paved the way for your longed-for goal.
    to see the spectacle - a certain situation that once scared you today will become for you are completely clear and understandable
    to be at the performance - you have to be more interested in your own affairs or look at them from a completely different perspective
    play in the performance - you will play a new role in your life that will determine you to act unforeseen
    to be the director of the show - you will finally see a deeper meaning in the current course of your life
    failed show - you will doubt the success of your own undertakings
    an ancient spectacle - you will restore the former splendor of your past.

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