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Window in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A window in a dream symbolizes new opportunities and upcoming changes in life; it is usually associated with a home. It also means hope, intuition and great opportunities. The window size reflects how your perspectives are wide and your prospects for the future. Perhaps you can see something clearer than before. Looking out the window at the world reflects the way we look at our own life, our awareness and our point of view.
    look out the window - deceptive hopes for the future
    see someone looking out the window - you open up too much to someone who can use many cases against you
    see someone's face in the window - you feel physically and emotionally detached from reality
    open window - everything will go your way; the nearest time will bring satisfaction with life
    see closed - a persecution that can turn into fanaticism
    close the window - trouble at your own request
    unable to close the window - by helping others you forget about yourself
    enter the window - promises a time full of hostility in which you will be exposed to malicious criticism
    enter the house through the window - you feel that someone is forcing you to do something that you do not want to do, although your visions are completely different
    go out the window - you will suffer severe financial losses
    jump out of the window - someone will make it difficult for you to achieve your goal
    fall out of the window - do not expect others to help you in need, following this path you can experience disappointments
    stand or sit in the window - it bodes failure in professional affairs and no future prospects
    hang from the window - you will try influence the opinion of other people
    throw something out of the window - by your own carelessness and inattention you will miss important events in your life
    hear a knock on the window - in the near future you will have many good opportunities
    small window - although you usually don't get your hopes up high, you always get something good in life
    window with bars - be careful, because you can get involved in mysterious and uncertain activities
    big window - you will open up to new experiences that will bring you a lot of satisfaction in life
    dark window - loss of vitality
    darkened window - someone will enter your private life with shoes
    broken window - according to some, you start to have a distorted view of life and you become prone to irrational opinions of other people
    repair the window - you will gain a new perspective on matters that which have only annoyed you so far.

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