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Slope in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Slope warns the dreamer of difficult situations in which he will have to face in life. Most often it signals that in some matters something can still be done to completely recover. If you hesitate to make a difficult decision, better trust your intuition or collect all the facts and ask your loved ones for help. A dream about a slope may mean that you have found yourself on the edge in life and if you want to ultimately win, you will have to change your attitude to certain issues. Sleep is also an expression of difficult choices and thoughts of suicide.
    see the slope - you will eventually lose the cause by which you have injured many innocent people
    steep slope - it will be difficult for you to believe in someone's innocence while all credible facts will contradict it
    gentle slope - you will become friends with a very friendly person disposition
    slide down the slope - the dream portends unfavorable events in your life
    fall into it - you will manage to tame an envious person who has been planning your surrender for a long time
    stand on the slope - if you do not take appropriate action in matters that should be important to you, other people will definitely do it for you.

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