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Molehill in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Molehill in a dream symbolizes unfulfilled hopes or unrequited love. Perhaps you did everything you could to get yourself interested in a certain person, but you still remain indifferent to them. Alternatively, you get the feeling that it is treating you as an emergency exit. In another sense, a molehill may mean that you are dealing with an extremely stubborn or conceited person.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Molehill?

Seeing a molehill in a dream indicates that someone will want to use your good heart and kindness. It is possible that you are not a very assertive person. Perhaps you spend too much time making others happy instead of thinking about yourself and your own needs.

Stepping on the molehill shows your ambition and willingness to pursue your goal. You are able to sacrifice a lot to achieve the desired goal and you are well aware of it. However, your arrogance and vanity can cost you a lot in the future, as you make enemies at every turn.

Deliberately destroying a molehill means you will accidentally hurt someone. Perhaps because of bad mood you will take it out on a random person or blame the wrong person.

Rolling over or stumbling over a molehill in a dream means that someone is trying to sabotage your actions, or you have lost faith in your own abilities. However, all you need to do is believe in yourself a little and all your problems will pass.

When you are sitting on a molehill in a dream, it means that you are desperately wanting something, but you do not have the courage or the determination to do it. Try to face your fears and take action. Remember, too, that there are no infallible people, and everyone fails sooner or later.

Leveling molehills means that you are trying to fix old mistakes. Perhaps you quarreled with a loved one and are now trying to extend a friendly hand to him. Remember that if you take on pride, you can lose touch with that person forever.

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