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Size in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about the size of something usually reflects the importance you attach to certain objects, things, or people in your life. The larger the size, the more important things should be for you. Conversely, the smaller the size of something in a dream, the less important things are usually for the dreamer. Size also refers to the degree of power you hold over others or that others have over you. Think carefully, maybe you judge someone too hastily instead of giving them a chance to prove themselves.
    When you see the size of something or someone, it is a sign that you have a lot of things on your mind that you need to focus on right now. Although it may seem impossible to combine everything now, you will surely be able to get everything done on time.
    Large size means that the desire to prove your greatness at any cost will make you very unpleasant and harsh to others. If you are self-righteous and haughty all the time, people will gradually turn away from you.
    Small size in a dream has two meanings, firstly, it means that you do not have excessive needs in your life, and for happiness you only need a little constancy, a helping hand and the support of another human being. In another sense, a dream shows that you are not satisfied with anything in your life and that you still feel unsatisfied with everything.
    The shoe size in a dream has a dualistic context, usually means that someone will step on your print or, on the contrary, it will tickle your inner ego.
    The size of the clothes is a message not to measure others with your own measure, because every person is different and follows their individual motives. If you do not know someone, do not judge them too hastily, but give them a chance to prove their point.

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